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Hi! I'm janet!

Hi, my name is Janet R. Swierczek. I'm the artist and author behind these beautiful coloring books. I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota and I'm from the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe.

When I was younger, I loved doing artwork. Today, I'm turning my artwork into a career and a business that I'm passionate about. This talent comes from the Lord and I wanted to share it with you. Originally, I wanted to turn my artwork into a video game. The idea for the coloring books began in 2011. I started publishing these coloring books and got the copyrights on my artwork in 2012. Last time I counted, I had 50 coloring books out!

I am always trying to expand my work and add more titles to my collection. I have taken requests from my grandkids for my two latest coloring books, "Nevaeh Loves Her Ice Cream" and "Fashion with Janet and her Friends: Fairies." I'm always open for more requests so feel free to send a message on the "Contact" page, e-mail me at, or contact me via Youtube/Tik Tok!

Ojibwe Inaajimowin, May 2023

(Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Monthly Newspaper)

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